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Take Wishes and congratulations from us. Sundarban Wonders Tourism is a trustable name for Sundarban tour in Bangladesh. For many years, large number of local and foreign tourist visit Sundarban with us. Besides, we operate many reputable official group tours in Bangladesh. We operate our tour with a experienced guide team whose are trained by forest department, own ship and experienced crew for Sundarban. And also a team of arms guard whose are provided by forest department. We can ensure you about our service fully. For this we can say we are the trusted tour partner for you.

The Largest Mangrove Forest In The World

The Sundarbans is the largest contiguous block of mangrove forest in the world. It is a playground of heavenly beauty bestowed by nature. In Bangladesh tourism, Sundarbans play the most vital role. A large number of foreigners come to Bangladesh every year only to visit this unique mangrove forest. Beside, local tourist also goes to visit Sundarbans every year. It is located on the south-west part along the Bay of Bengal of Bangladesh. The Sundarbans is the single mangrove forest in the world. The area of Sundarbans is approximately 6017 sq. km. The exciting events in the Sundarbans tour are hiking in the deep forest, country boat cruising, bird watching, night safari and campfires and also staying on vessel at wild jungle atmosphere which will definitely add to your adventure experience.